Teaching and Consulting

Alice is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with youth, fellow educators, organizations, and all learners seeking to build their own music and music education knowledge that seeks to decolonize and empower individual and collective voices through music as expression. For more of Alice’s public music education teaching work with New Bridges Elementary, head to


Professional Development and Workshops
Alice designs interactive professional development sessions and workshops that offer insights into music education.

Music Education Consulting
Alice critically analyzes curriculums, programs, and challenges in music education for individuals, groups, and organizations.

Speaking Engagements and Presentations
Alice speaks and presents on music education, social justice, race and racism, activism, and identity in education and in our everyday lived experiences based on her positionalities.

Piano Performance
Hire Alice as a pianist for your event or performance. For more of Alice’s piano playing, head to her YouTube.

Private Piano Lessons
Alice offers private one-on-one piano lessons online catered to the learner’s goals and needs.

Contact Alice

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